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Unfortunately, most Dublin homeowners encounter roofing problems at some stage. From leaks to major problems, roofs can suffer from a number of common problems that need immediate attention from a qualified roofer. In order to give you an idea of the likely problems home owners face with Dublin roofs, below are some of the most frequent roofing problems that will cause you to find an expert roofer.

Note: Repairing roofs can be very dangerous and it is not suggested that you attempt to try to fix these problems without training. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND OFFER AFFORDABLE ROOFERS – SIMPLE

  1. Roof Leaks

All of Ireland, including Dublin has its fair share of rain, As a result, one of the single most common roofing problem facing homeowners is rain getting in! This is usually caused by cracked flashing (flashing is the thin, weatherproofed pieces of metal that are designed to keep water out) or broken shingles/tiles/slate.

Most commonly, Dublin roof leaks usually occur in the following areas:

  • Under damaged shingles
  • Near the chimney
  • Around gutters
  • At flashing points
  • Skylights (fittings)
  • Vents / pipe fittings
  • At low spots

There are many signs of leaks, like discolored ceilings, damp walls OR WATER DROPPING STRAIGHT THROUGH, contact us – we have offices based in South Dublin and North Dublin, for your convenience.

  1. Pooled Rain Water

If you have little ponds on top of your roof or pooled rain water, this will cause problems in the long run. Flat roofs are most likely to see this issue and the solution is to get an expert to form tapered areas over the surface of the roof. Little slopes allow the harsh Dublin rain water to run off, which will protect your roof from water damage.

  1. Holes and Punctures

This is more common with new houses than we would like to see – foot traffic cab cause scrapes, puncture marks, or even big holes in a roof. A contractor walking over the shingles or even an animal can affect the underlying wood or expose frames to rot-causing moisture.

  1. Roof Shrinkage

Roof material can shrink in the harsh Irish weather and this can lead to range of difficulties, such as  cracking, deterioration and the moving critical components of the roof like flashing. We see this problem more and more with EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane) styled roofing and can easily resolve the issue affordably – just contact us for an honest quote.


Blistering and Cracking

Over time and because of the harsh Dublin weather, roofs can develop blisters, cracks or ridges. Depending on the type of roof, there can be several layers that cover a relatively flat surface, if so, these roofs are particularly susceptible to blistering and cracking.

    1. Snow and Ice Damage


Less common in Irish roofs but lately with our changing weather, it is worth noting that this can occur in Ireland and Dublin. Ice and snow can cause havoc with roofs, in particular shingles. Water can get to places it shouldn’t, refreeze and cause big issues.

The only way to ensure that winter conditions aren’t permanently damaging your roof is to schedule routine inspections and maintenance by qualified roofers – this can save a lot of money… our services are affordable and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have… talk to us!

  1. Poor Installation

The biggest problem we fix is poor installation. Inexperienced or poorly qualified roofers can cause untold damage.

We are in business for over 20 years and have a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable roofers to ensure that you get an affordable and top quality job, always.

  1. Tree Damage

It goes without saying: If a tree limb crashes into your roof, you’re in trouble. However, even if the branches rub against your roof on a daily basis, they can scratch the surface and wear down the top layer. At the very least, it’s safer for your roof if trees are trimmed so no limbs are resting on top of your home. At the very most, you might consider removing any trees that pose a serious danger to the integrity of the roof.

  1. Clogged Gutters

For something so simple to fix, clogged gutters can (and do) cause a lot of damage to Dublin roofs. The problem is simple – clogged gutters cause water backups which has to go somewhere… and it will find places to go that will cause problems!

Clogged or broken gutters are defective and this will cause water to eventually seep into places like: eaves, where it can lead to rot.

This is a very affordable fix – we can routinely check your gutters and remove for debris or fix broken parts – saving you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Above All – Poor Maintenance

All of the above really relate to the one problem that causes problems with Dublin roofs … poor maintenance. Maintenance and inspections ensure that little problems do not have a time to become big probelms… it really is that simple. If caught early, most roof problems are an easy, affordable fix.

If you need a thorough inspection, routine maintenance, or emergency roof repair anywhere Dublin, speak to us, we are here to help, always.


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